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I decided today that I would raise enough money to help Mama V build a new children’s home. Just 12 hours ago I decided and in just 12 hours I was overwhelmed with disbelief.
I fell asleep this afternoon in the heat while reading and as I was waking in my head was the thought “NO.” Over and over.
As I awoke more I was seized by this feeling of “No way girl, you are too small and this is just too big!” I actually had the thought, “why did Mama V ask for something SO BIG? Why couldn’t she just ask for food, or something easy for me to provide?”
Some of you would say, this is the devil speaking to you, trying to stop you. I know exactly why you would say that because the feeling was so strong, and so negative. I may not believe in the devil but I know that fear is easier. Believing this feeling and believing that I am too small and this project is too big would be so much easier. I have no freaking idea how to go about building a dormitory home let alone one in Ghana!!
It would be easier to buy Mama V rice and say I had done something good. But I felt the need to ask Mama V what she really needed, and she was compelled to ask me for the big need she had. I am sure she needs food, and would be happy for food, why did she feel compelled to ask me, little ol me, for something so big?
Some will call it God and I can see why. So many things have aligned to make that one moment happen. Yes I have always been one to see need and want to do something, but until this moment in time, I NEVER EVER would have been able to hold the belief that I could make this happen.
Who am I? I could barely afford to come on this trip. I have spent every penny I have. I have no home, no job, no car to go back to. I am a broke, homeless girl half way across the world who BELIEVES that she can make this happen!!
I will persist. I will fight the fear every morning when I wake if I have to. Thank you Dana Berg for your coaching that helps me walk in belief daily.
This is going to be hard. Oh so hard. But it will be done!

- Mandie Case


Speaker, leader, mentor, and author, Dana has always been passionate about helping people to achieve their full potential. She takes time to really get to know you and what your dreams and goals are, then helps create a clear path of direction to get there.
Starting as a medic in the Army and progressing to become an RN where she specialized in Emergency Medicine, and then Labor and Delivery she knows how to work with people, and understands that obstacles are meant to be overcome.
She is the proud mother of four children whom she adores. She believes that happiness is something everyone should feel every day. She is the ray of sunshine that will guide you to your path of least resistance to your happiest self as you achieve your dreams!
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I am a mentor with Bob Proctor’s program, “Thinking into Results” as a result of committing to the program I facilitate, you will reach goals beyond your wildest imagination…..

What that may be… from turning your yearly income to your monthly income, becoming a NYT’s best selling author, creating a nonprofit that builds schools in Africa. Whatever your passions and dreams are, you will achieve them because you will learn to use your mind to create incredible success and achievements in all areas of your life!


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